Online puzzles

Besides its range of board games, Argyx Games offers a series of online puzzles for hardcore gamers and digital-savvy geeks. Put your thinking cap on! ;)

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Alternate Reality Games

Our online puzzles mix fiction with reality: during the course of your investigations, you will have to look-up information on both “real”websites such as Wikipedia and on websites we carefully imagined within the simulated reality of the game. Whether you will be infiltrating an Intranet account, decoding messages, contacting a nemesis via social networks or interrogating a witness through email—all the files in your possession (such as police reports, audio recordings, or photographs) contain precious clues you must identify and collect. It will be up to you to choose the best online tools and software needed to decode the puzzles (be it Google Maps, a QR barcode reader, cryptology...)


Welcome to Discord!

Discord is a chat platform (it can also be downloaded as an app) which gives you access to our various online puzzles and enables you to join our special community of players, a.k.a.“Argyxers”! While you interact with the various protagonists of the story, you will also be able to chat with other players and help each other out to solve the final puzzle.

Our Premium subscription plan gives you instant and direct access to the different levels of the puzzle and offers additional hints. “Tempus Prope Est” is already available at: 


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