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Pocket Investigations is our line of investigation games, inspired by escape games, but playable everywhere, at home or while traveling!

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Receive a mysterious envelope at home

Every other month*, a mysterious envelope will be sent to your mailbox. Inside, you will find half a dozen documents and objects to solve an enigma. Based on the model of an escape game—whether it is a hold-up, a criminal investigation, a treasure hunt, or a historical, scientific or literary mystery—you will have to use your observation skills, search thoroughly, manipulate objects, and apply your deduction powers and logic. Combined with the objects, the documents will help you and your team progress towards unlocking the final riddle.
*on average

Alternate Reality Gaming

Pocket Investigations is an Alternate Reality Game (also called ARG). As real life investigators do, you will have to search for clues and missing information on the internet. Some of the clues and gaming elements (such as simulated websites, images and files we have created) are there for you to consult online. It will be up to you to find out which sites you must go to as the game unfolds.


How is the concept new?

Pocket Investigations mixes elements taken from reality with the virtual world. At the start of the project, we wished to use real-life objects (such as maps, matches, bracelets, candy, small ropes…) and put the game together ourselves, so that the realism of your experience would be enhanced. Pocket Investigations is not a strictly commercial product: it is partly hand-crafted, imagined and made with the help of our 2 brains and 4 hands;)


What do I need to play?
You will need an internet connection, whether it is via a smartphone, a tablet, and, ideally, a laptop, for your comfort as players.

Is there a count-down like in Escape Games? Can we fail to unlock the puzzle?
You may experience a feeling of urgency to solve the puzzle as you discover the different objects and documents, or when you listen to the background music which is made to generate suspense, but there is no time limit to the game. Our riddles were imagined to last between 45 minutes (for experimented players) and 100 minutes. Our online site offers a list of clues for each step of the game, so that you will never feel blocked in the middle of a game session. Competitive junkies can use a stopwatch or even play in two separate teams to add urgency and spur the drive to complete the game as fast as possible.

Can the game be played more than once?
Once you’ve played and unlocked the riddle, you cannot start the game over. You may however enjoy passing it on to your friends and family. In order to facilitate sharing the game, we have included an online platform where you can upload the various documents you need to play the game.

Is there a link between the different plotlines of each Pocket?
Except for a few exceptions, there is no link between one script and another. There are as many possible scenarios as Pockets, so that they cover a wide range of themes to fit the preferences of different players.

What scenario would you recommend as a start?
Our pictograms will guide you in choosing the Pocket that fits you best, depending on your mood and preferences, so that you may easily find what you or your friends will enjoy playing the most.


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